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Our goal @iShook to promote & produce rich content, that benefits the positive growth of the communities that we live in. In a fast-growing digital world and overload of social content, it is more important than ever to provide reliable communication through apps and software everyone can use and trust. 

The exponential frequency at which newly generated content is on the internet is astounding and serves as a reminder of how intricate and delicate the relationship between content developers and their audience is. Every second, millions of pieces of content are both created and consumed across various networks with limited amounts of interoperability. There’s both a lack of an epicenter and connectivity among platforms and audiences. As time goes on and as more individuals adopt emerging technologies, the ecosystem is expected to continue to expand and experience a form of scattering. Publishing content online grants content creators access to a broad and distributed international audience. The problem is, how can the success of a content creator be accurately measured against the masterful content they create while buried amongst the clamor?

Blockchain technology has become a popular commodity in the attention economy due to its ability to remove a growing inequality between hosting services and content providers. Curators and artists are left fending for themselves while larger corporations bury them under the noise and benefit from their backbreaking. As a videographer or a writer pours their soul into their masterpiece, the vessels in which their content is delivered are plagued with gatekeepers that wish to strip them of what they’re rightfully owed.

At iShook, our goal is to connect content creators and audiences while leveraging blockchain technology and of course to ensure rich content is delivered to end-users. What began as a vision and successful platform that enables publishers and booksellers to distribute their works to millions of users is seeking to break those limits and move to all forms of content. iShook will be a refuge for all inspired content creators seeking a platform, a community - a home. This is the revitalized content economy - this is iShook.

Discover the team behind iShook, the cutting-edge Software and Brand Development company. Our powerhouse team is comprised of an eclectic mix of industry professionals, from writers to actors, film makers to graphic designers, software developers to market makers, manufacturers to entrepreneurs - all working together to create the most innovative Brand Development solutions.


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