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Y-Chat is an app the unifies both messaging technologies and social media feed technologies into one app. We are creating more seamless integrations of chats and social media shoutouts. Without having to open multiple apps and with the ability to instantly share posting via Y-Chat messaging. 

iShook and Blockchain

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Though the 21st century has seen technological innovation at exponential rates unseen by any prior generation, it has brought with it a breakdown of brand communications and authorial reach. General information has become ubiquitous, but how it is accessed has become overbearing, overwhelming, and more often than not end up diluting messages. 

Almost every second, millions of likes occur on Facebook, thousands of tweets occur on Twitter, millions of likes occur on Instagram, and hundreds of hours of videos regularly uploaded to YouTube. With billions of users spread across dozens of social networks, these types of numbers don’t come as a surprise. Content consumers have a tough time connecting with content creators due to a lack of proper targeting, especially concerning authors and readers. 

Further, in 2020 social media has reached a decay of presenting information with only minor seconds allotted for digestion, creating a new word snippet. If a snippet is the new age of dissemination, then we indeed have a problem. Because true content can only be delivered on its whole entirely and not fragmented, this ultimately creates the decay of pure and complete uncensored content. With this said iShook ecosystem is geared for growth and not decay by creating data previews, IE snippets in association with a whole data and encompass by orbital data associated with the core present with information.

Business Brainstorming

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”,

– Joel A. Barker 


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